Woocommerce/PHP specialist

Data dodania: 17 stycznia 2022

We have an immediate opening for an additional experienced Full Stack Developer (WordPress/ WooCommerce). This is a full time, long-term-based position

Benefits of this position include:

Exciting, challenging work with a fun/ great team
Flexible timezone working hours
Paid vacation days and sick days.
Store credit

It’s very important that the candidate speaks and writes English fluently at a high level. weekly online meeting for the project scope.

Job Responsibilities:
Site and software development
Maintain WordPress/WooCommerce website, including plugin updates, bug fixes, monitoring, troubleshooting, and improving site performance
Design and build new website features – custom plugins, custom functionality, child theme development, HTML/CSS/javascript development
Integrate various systems using REST API’s, custom data feeds, etc.
Coordinate and communicate with other team members and 3rd parties to gather requirements and deploy features
Testing and Documentation:
Thoroughly test all site changes (on both staging and production environment)
Write clean, well-documented code, and maintain site & software knowledge base for internal use
Use clickup to manage workflow and code deployment
Build complex products using woocommerce composite/bundles
Participate in a 60-minute weekly meeting (via Google meet)
Maintain code and deploy from github
AWS experience would be an asset

Good and flawless communication which means that the candidate responds to slack messages within a 30 minute time frame.

Other duties and projects as needed

Required experience and skills:

WordPress Development – 3+ years of experience – front-end and back-end development (customizing themes, building custom features and plugins, troubleshooting performance issues, etc)

PHP Development – 3+ years of experience

JavaScript Development – 3+ years of experience

SQL Development – 3+ years of experience

HTML/CSS development – 3+ years of experience

WooCommerce Development – 3+ years of experience strongly preferred

Strong database design and analytical skills

Excellent English comprehension and communication skills

Experience working with a variety of APIs, including REST, oAuth, SOAP

The ideal candidate will be:
A proficient developer who is passionate about their work – you enjoy coding, and you are good at it. You love to dig into problems and fix them. You enjoy learning new techniques and technologies.

Detail-oriented, but able to move quickly when needed – you write high-quality code, thoroughly tested, and document. But when the site goes down, you jump into action and fix the problem as quickly as possible.

A skilled problem solver – you will spend as much time as is needed to investigate a problem and find a solution.

Proficient in English writing and speaking – you must be able to clearly communicate with the rest of our team

Computer and Software Requirements and Systems Used

Required: High-speed, reliable internet – minimum 10MBPS+ preferred

Required: Backup location for work in the case of internet issues

Required: Modern, an up-to-date computer that can handle the tasks of the job

Some of the software used for your job (provided by the employer): Google Docs, Google Sheets, Gmail, Google Calendar, Google meet (video conferencing), Slack,
Our Core Values
We screen for these values in the hiring process. If you don’t fit these values, this may not be a good workplace for you.
1. Adaptability We remain nimble and creative, to adapt rapidly to any situation, large or small, good or bad.
2. Trust We are authentic, open, honest and transparent. We have a safe environment to share ideas, take risks, fail, and learn from our failures.
3. Passion Our passion is what seperates us from our competitors with more resources and how we succeed and grow as an underdog
4. Teamwork We work collaboratively together to utilize everyone’s strengths, becoming much stronger as an organization than the sum of each of us as individuals.

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