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Data dodania: 11 sierpnia 2017

If you’re passionate about coding, fluent in database architecture and know WordPress API inside and out, we need you. You will join teams of passionate developers, making WordPress better.

Here are some of the things that you can expect from your work at OnTheGoSystems:

Face challenges together, in a team
One of the greatest benefits of working in a strong team is that you’re never alone. Each team gets together once a day to discuss open issues. Developers have an open Slack channel to discuss the best solutions to complex problems. You’ll get all the quiet time that you need, but you’re never alone when you want to bounce ideas with others.
Learn new tools and techniques
Every year new tools come out. We’re not trying to ride the wave, but we’re always looking for ways to be more productive and get better results. We use profiling tools to measure performance and Continuous Integration. We practice design-for-testing and use various methods to write unit and integration tests.
Get better every day
Being great is a result of always pushing forward. To get better, we run code reviews, initiate and encourage trainings, take online and physical courses and help each other. We emphasize code quality, project management and achieving results.
Pick your development environment
We spend a lot of time in front of the PC every day, so it makes sense to set-up convenient work conditions. Whatever you need to get more productive, we’ll arrange for you.
Be part of a flat organization, where your voice is always heard
Everyone is significant and everyone makes an impact. We minimize management and make it easy for you to make a real difference.

Sounds interesting? Send your application and let’s talk.

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