Experienced PHP Software Developer (USA, Remote Work)

Data dodania: 4 stycznia 2015

IMPORTANT: This advertisement is for Remote Work (telework). Company-sponsored H-1B visa to US is a possibility.


Alpha Directorate LLC is a Company headquartered in the USA. We are an exciting new start-up. We are a well-funded, high-tech enterprise… We’d like to think of our project as a game-changing Vision of a New World… A vision that changes everything…

New ideas require brave new perspective, passionate execution, and a talented, devoted and committed team of new heroes.

This is your chance of the lifetime to join us and to become a member of our growing team!


If hired, you will be the leading technical specialist, as well as a key member of a growing team (front/back end developers, designers, testers, support team, etc.). We offer not just a job, but a career.

• Primary responsibility. You will be architecting, designing and implementing PHP code; working from detailed functional specifications.
• Secondary responsibility. Some front-end work will also be needed. However, we shall not expect artistic designs of you; just basic GUI design.
• Code reviews. As we grow our team, you’ll be responsible for reviewing other developers’ code in a collaborative, constructive and friendly manner.
• Remote work. Work from the comfort of your home. You set your own hours. We don’t control you. Only the results are important, not the hours.
• Teamwork. You’ll report directly to the CEO. We believe in working closely together; talking and exchanging ideas. You won’t be isolated.
• Time zones. Frequent teleconferencing will be necessary. Due to time difference, late afternoon meetings (mornings in US) may be necessary.


• PHP5. You should be experienced and know PHP very well. We appreciate clean code design, best practices and using object oriented PHP as needed.
• WordPress. We use WP not as a blogging application, but as a Rapid Application Development (RAD) platform to evolve and deploy powerful large-scale projects and ideas. Strong technical knowledge of WP architecture and design constraints is a must.
• WP Plugins. Proven ability to extend and create WP plugins. You will be developing not just simple extensions, but also complex new plugins.
• Server Admin. We don’t require specialized knowledge. But you need to possess basic LAMP server administration skills to get the job done.
• Front-end technologies: JQuery, Ajax, JavaScript, HTML5/CSS3. You should be able to read, review code and to make implementation changes as needed.
• Responsive web design. You don’t need to be an expert. Native mobile apps will follow soon. But for initial release, the GUI must adapt to mobile screens.

• Crypto-currency. Familiarity with Bitcoin wallet (or similar) integration and development would be nice. Although this can be learned on the job.
• WebRTC. If you know or if you are interested in this technology, it might be helpful. But again, you can learn this on the job.
• Git. We use it for our source control. Even if you are not an expert yet, it’s very easy to learn (assuming you have experience with any other SCM tool).
• Formal Education. Having a master’s degree in computer science is a plus, but strong PHP skills are the key. We do not require any official papers.

• English language. Good working knowledge is required: reading, writing, speaking and understanding. English is our only working language.
• Communication skills. Very different from the point above. You must be able to clearly and coherently express, explain yourself: orally and in-writing.
• Team leadership. Primarily, you will develop software. But you should also be able to guide, interact and advise a growing software development team.


• Attractive and fair salary. We take good care of our employees.
• Permanent, full-time position. This is not a short-term project. There is no end date to complete development. New features and ideas will never stop.
• Job security. You should never need to worry about money. There’s plenty of funding to run the company and to pay all our employees for years to come.
• Professional growth. Working for a US-company is a bit different. You will expand into new technologies, become more independent and creative.
• Remote work is comfortable and convenient. Forget about crowds and daily drives. Instead of wasting gas and time in traffic, just walk over to your desk.
• Equity stock award. You receive from us a percentage share of ownership in the company as our appreciation. This share can become huge in the future.
• Visa sponsorship. We want our top employees to join us in the US. If you prove your dedication, our lawyers will do the rest to get you here.
• Formal arrangements. We have several options for remote work, and we can discuss these topics during our interviews. The job is available immediately.


Please send your CV with cover letter (optional) to recruiting@alphadirectorate.com. Both must be in English. We maintain strict confidentiality of all your data. Any and all information you provide will be used only for recruiting purposes.

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