Developer required for either small or large projects

Data dodania: 26 stycznia 2015

We are looking for a developer who can meet either or both of the following tasks:

1. Small, quick fixes – eg style sheets or fixing broken code for registrations
2. Larger projects – eg integrating newsletter registration with the website and forum

The website:
Our website is a WordPress based platform.

Integrated with the website is:
* MailChimp as the newsletter provider
* XenForo as the forum software

The site is currently over 300 pages/posts and growing quickly.

Small quick fixes:
We are looking for a developer who will be available to make small changes (such as fixes) when needed. A developer who is happy to find time to carry out the fix, can commit to when the work can be done and to reliably meet the stated completion date.

These small fixes will need to be carried out quickly on a same day or next basis if any urgent problem occurs.

Larger projects:
The website is constantly being developed and new projects will be coming up over the next 2-3 months.

Communication to be carried out via email and Skype. Skype will be needed for ‘on the job’ communication to ask/answer questions as issues/points for discussion come up.
We usually will be available to communicate with you 5-6 days of each week.
Communication will need to be carried out in English.

Get in touch:
Please get in touch if you can meet either the small fixes or larger projects.

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