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Data dodania: 2 kwietnia 2012

Then.ly is a new Calendar & Events system being developed by The Seed Network. The Seed is a fast-growing web development company with a history of success and a set of innovative in-house projects. We are looking for a highly-motivated, dedicated, and passionate WordPress Developer to join our international team and help us expand in our new adventures.

You will work within a team of developers to drive the vision & maintenance of WordPress plugins used by many thousands of websites. Besides the technical requirements, we are looking for people who are helpful & joyful team mates who are always curious about new technologies and are not afraid to ask questions.

As part of a team, you will not only have to communicate well but also be able to provide code which stands up to internal code review, while also being able to review commits of other team members in order to make suggestions where applicable.
You will have an important role and will be able to add your own suggestions to the roadmap of highly successful applications.

* Work-from-anywhere.
* You can set your own hours, although a typical work day for our team is within the EST timezone.

Job Responsibilities
* Review, research, and fix bug reports of existing WordPress Plugins
* Work with Product Managers to implement new functionality into existing Plugins
* Become a part of the QA team and take part in code review
* Manage SVN and code releases
* Oversee beta releases and collection of valuable beta feedback
* Ability to meet release schedules and provide detailed project estimates
Job Qualifications
* Available for a Fulltime role
* A visible history of passion for open source
* Fluent English
* 2+ years WordPress Plugin development experience
* Fluent in PHP, MySQL, HTML + Javascript (jQuery)
* Exposure to Trac & Agile development
* Experience with Unit testing
* Excellent communication, teamwork, and self-organization skills
* Experience with providing software used by a large number of websites on a variety of servers/hosts

When applying, please provide:
* Specific examples of WordPress Plugin work with an explanation of the solutions used to meet the requirements
* Details about your home office: Location, computer(s), favorite code editor
* An explanation of what you are looking for from your job

Candidates who do not meet the qualifications above and who do not provide the requested items will not be considered.

Please apply at:

And view our openings at:

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